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Field of Study
  Studies cover the application of technical, biological and financial disciplines in the sustainable production and management, and protection of land natural ecosystems, as well as in the preservation, restoration and protection of the natural environment as a whole.

Career Opportunities
  Foresters and Environmental Managers are equipped with Scientific and technological knowledge and eligible to work in both the private and public sector, local authorities organisations, either as autonomous professionals or in collaboration with other scientists and take part in the study, research and application of technology on all fields of Forestry, i.e. management, exploitation, protection, and development of forests, and particularly in:
  • management, exploitation, protection, and development of forest lands.
  • management and development of wild fauna reservations, zoological parks and hunting management.
  • management, exploitation, protection, and development of mountainous and semi-mountainous pastures and plain area.
  • activities related to the protection, development and conservation of the natural environment balance.
  • pedology and land reclamation activities related to forests.
  • establishing and operating forest plant nurseries.
  • forest industries producing, developing and processing forest products.
  • production, standardisation, packaging and promoting pesticides, fertilisers and forest tools and machines.
  • preparation, supervision and participation in studies in various fields such as topography, forestry, management and protection of land natural ecosystems, management and protection of wild fauna, establishment and improvement of wood processing industries, etc.
  • expertise studies.
  • state and private education
  • applied research teams.


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